Let me paint you a picture: scattered notepads, a kaleidoscope of colorful pens, cables tangled like spaghetti, and a forest of sticky notes on the wall, and maybe a few splashes of paint on a desk. To an outsider, this may seem like an explosion waiting to happen, but I've come to realize that the messiness of my desk isn't a sign of disorder, but rather a canvas of creativity waiting to be explored.

The Zen of Chaos

I have long since made peace with the fact that I have a messy/cluttered aesthetic. My room might be clean but it will never be seen as conventionally neat or arranged (which sucks for my sister). At first glance, my space might appear cluttered, but within this chaos lies a method to the madness where each item has its place.

The Blank Canvas Syndrome

A spotless desk might look inviting, but for a creative mind, it can be intimidating. It's like a blank canvas staring back at you, silently asking, "What are you going to create today?" In contrast, a messy desk exudes a sense of possibility. It's a playground for ideas, a refuge for half-baked concepts, and a breeding ground for innovation.

Tips for Embracing Your Creative Chaos:

  • Organized Chaos: Establish a loose organization that makes sense to you. A seemingly chaotic desk can still have its own unique order.
  • Digital Clarity: Use Notion to organize your thoughts, projects, and to-do lists. This allows your physical space to be a playground for creativity.
  • Inspiration Wall: Pin up quotes, images, and mementos that inspire you. Let your workspace tell a story.
  • Clean Breaks: Occasionally, take the time to declutter and reset. This helps prevent overwhelm and keeps the chaos from becoming overwhelming.

In the world of creativity, messy desks aren't a sign of disorder; they're a testament to the vibrant minds that inhabit them.

Embrace the chaos, for within it lies the brilliance waiting to be unleashed.

So, the next time you find yourself surrounded by the whirlwind of your creative process, remember, it's not messiness—it's a masterpiece in the making.

Or I might just be lazy, idk 🤷🏽‍♀️